Dr. Rife frequency generator software.

I would like to present a new method of treatment, which is a type of the vibration therapy. We can use the frequencies determined by Dr. Rife biochemical, mechanical and electrical researcher, with a special software through our computer. To use the Rife frequencies you do not need to buy a separate device, because the dedicated software uses our PC sound card to generate the vibrations.
Everything is vibrating in this world; our cells emit vibrations as well. Ancient cultures have already discovered the importance of vibrations and they developed different curing methods. Let us think about inter alia the Tibetan sound therapy, the shaman drums, the healing effects of crystals, the hands-on healings, the chakra therapies and so on. Nowadays, the different treatments with light therapy, sound therapy and with bio-resonance is gaining ground more and more. These therapies are all also based on the healing effects of the frequencies. Whichever techniques we consider, all of the methods are seeking to restore the proper frequencies. The REIKI master transforms the universal energy and drives the proper vibrations with hands into the treated person. The naturopath who uses device with bio-resonance also restores the proper vibrations of cells, organs. The healing effects of homeopathic medicines are based on vibrations, because in many cases the extent of the dilution is such high that the active substance itself is not detectable in the medicine, "only" the vibration of it is presented. 
The developed program generates the frequencies through the sound card of the computer. During the treatment electrodes are attached to the body, which must be connected to the sound card output of the computer. Amplifier is recommended to use in order to achieve adequate signal strength. The frequency input is completely safe, because a specific frequency does not affect other cells. The great advantage of this method is that we do not need to buy a separate device, so the price is much cheaper than Dr. Clark's Zapper and other devices for frequency treatment. The program includes 1100 frequency therapies for the variety of diseases. The list is available here. There is a possibility to input additional frequencies manually, so frequencies determined by the other researchers may be used, too. Contraindication: people with pacemaker and pregnant women. During the frequency treatments adverse effects was not observed.

Full version include:
- Database 1100 therapy (CAFL database, Dr. Rife frequency) 
- Bio-resonance frequencies of human bodies 
- Chakra Therapy 
- Manual input frequency
Program features:
Operating range 1 - 20.000Hz. 
Output signal: sinus or square 
Number of treatments: 1100 (CAFL database which largely contains the frequencies of Dr. Rife)
Manual frequency input. 
Compile the own therapies and save in the database. 
Recommended amplifier power: 4-10W. 
Easy to use.

General version:
Implies two programs:
-Dr Rife basis therapy (against parasite and bacterium) treatment time: 30min.
-BX virus (cancer prevention) treatment time: 6min.

Step 1- PC sound volume maximum 
Step 2- Body electrode plugging directly into the sound card output from the computer (recommended amplifier insertion) 
Step 3- Put the electrode onto the body 
Step 4- Run the program and click selected therapy

Placing electrodes:
The electrodes must be applied in that way: the treated part should be placed between two electrodes. If the area is not definable (e.g. immune reinforcement, killing bacteria, etc.) then the electrodes should be placed on the two pulses.

System requirement:
-PC sound card
-Windows XP or higher operating system

Rife therapy CD:
Rife frequency therapy containing the audio CD. The CD does not require the use of a computer, CD player directly to the frequencies used. It is recommended to use frequencies electrodes body of rangers. The electrodes must be connected to the headphone output. Recommended amplifier power 4-10 watts. More powerful hi-fi equipment, the volume setting, taking into account the individual sensitivity. A CD containing a Rife therapy. Choice of therapy.

Frequency generator is not a medical device by itself cannot be used for healing! 

The program is to use at your own risk!