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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Set

SKU: 005

The set includes:


  • Large electrode pads (10cm x 5cm)
  • Connecting cable ( TENS compatible 3.5mm Jack)
  • New Sirius software

Dr. Rife bioresonance software:
- Database 1100 therapy (CAFL database, Dr. Rife frequency)
- Bio-resonance frequencies of human bodies
- Chakra Therapy
- Manual input frequency

Signal Amplifier:
- temperature overrun inside and short circuit protection!
- standard interface
- intensity control knob
- LED feedback
- Power: 110/220 12Volt 2A
- 18 Watt

Electro-magnetic mattress:
- size: 150cmX60cm
- durable, clean finish
- magnetic field strength 140-200 mGauss

Connecting cable:
Jack cable to the computer sound card output can be connected to the amplifier input signal.

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Price: 690.00$
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